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Nous Sommes Charlie!

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I have not been motivated to make a blog posting in quite a while.  One reason is that I have been too busy writing articles for which I can actually get paid.  Another reason is that I have been simply too disgusted by so many of the recent events during the past six months to bother with dwelling on them long enough to write something.

The recent outrage in Paris got me back here.  On one hand, I was annoyed by the milquetoast-y coverage of this event by most media outlets, and the equally-timid responses by public officials.  On the other hand, I was impressed by the fact that the Bloomberg website saw fit to run some of the very pictures which the Islamist psychos found so offensive.

What many people fail to understand is that Muhammad, the founder of the Islamic religion, did not want anyone painting, drawing or sculpting his image because he did not want people to worship those images.  It was a pretty good idea.  Unfortunately, authoritarian psychos began using that prohibition as an excuse to kill anyone who failed to adhere to it.  Once they began targeting people outside of the Muslim faith, they began infringing on the freedom of expression, which sane people hold dear.

The killings in Paris have sparked a number of public demonstrations.  Although candlelight vigils may have been appropriate when John Lennon was killed by a Jealous Guy, the outrage in Paris warrants some significant pushback.  We need to let those assholes know that the rest of the world will not be intimidated into submission to their psychotic authoritarianism.  One good way of delivering that message is to start publishing pictures of the Prophet Muhammad, whenever appropriate.  If that is what these creeps don’t want us doing, then we should do more of it.  It’s one thing to shout “Je Suis Charlie!” or “Nous Sommes Charlie!” but it’s another thing altogether to back that up with some action.  The most appropriate action would be to follow Charlie’s lead and post pictures of Muhammad.

One of the pictures which appeared on the Bloomberg website seemed especially appropriate.  It depicted a cover from a 2014 issue of Charlie Hebdo with the headline (in French), “If Muhammad Was Returning…”.  Muhammad was on his knees while a Jihadist held a knife to Muhammad’s throat.  Muhammad was saying, “I’m the Prophet, asshole!” and the Jihadist was responding, “Shut your trap, infidel!”  The magazine cover appears below:



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