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Smelling Even Worse

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When I first heard about the fatal car crash which killed Michael Hastings, I immediately became suspicious.  A brand-new Mercedes involved in a single-vehicle accident blew up and burned in an unusually-devastating fire.  A Mercedes Benz?  Not likely.  This case smells.

Since that time, much has been written and uploaded to the web, including this surveillance video of the crash actually taking place.  Unfortunately, it is of marginal quality, although it could be useful if an expert would enhance the image to verify or refute the eyewitness account of an explosion (or fire) in the vehicle before it struck the post.

A video blogger operating from Japan named James Corbett prepared a very thorough video presentation of some of the more useful information on this case.  The video runs for 45 minutes and includes several interviews of Hastings himself, conducted by Cenk Uygur and others.

What becomes immediately apparent is that Hastings was not only pushing back against the corporatist, mainstream media – he was confronting and busting the chops of the tools who feed America the bullshit most people accept as “news”.  The video presented by Corbett, entitled Crashes of Convenience: Michael Hastings includes a number of these confrontations.

It’s no wonder this guy got whacked.  He was really rocking the boat.

Since the incident first happened, reporter Kimberly Dvorak of San Diego 6 has been turning over all the right rocks, exposing what the mainstream media would rather ignore.  This July 8 broadcast clip and article contain some very revealing information.  Although the LAPD was quick to announce “no foul play”, Mercedes Benz representatives informed Ms. Dvorak that the LAPD never found it necessary to seek their assistance in their investigation of this event.

Although a toxicology investigation is under way, Ms. Dvorak reported that Los Angeles officials took it upon themselves to cremate Michael Hastings’ body against the wishes of his family, before sending it to his parents in Vermont.  In other words, just in case the convenient conclusion might happen to be reached – that Hastings was drunk at the time of the crash – nobody will ever be able to refute it.  The fact that the body was cremated sends a big hint that driver intoxication will be used as the official explanation for this event.

A number of reports have disclosed that Hastings was working on a story about the CIA and NSA at the time of his death.  He expressed concern that the spooks were onto him.  Ms. Dvorak reported that this story did not die with Hastings.  He deliberately kept his wife in the dark about it to protect her safety.  Smart move.  Nevertheless, some of the information Hastings uncovered is apparently “out there”.  If Hastings’ killers were trying to kill that story, it’s a bit early to claim victory.