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Fifty Years of Lies

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On November 22, a large number of tools within the mainstream media will be congratulating themselves for “successfully” covering-up the conspiracy involving the assassination of President Kennedy.  Although many people accept the Warren Commission’s “single bullet theory” version of the tragedy – during this long stretch of time, an entire library full of books refuting different aspects of the “official” explanation has been published.

If you read only one book about the Kennedy assassination (or if you already have but all this anniversary stuff has aroused your interest in getting the true story) I recommend Lamar Waldron’s new book, The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.  I’m on chapter 8 right now and I have to stop writing, so I can get back to it.  Warner Brothers will be releasing a new film, Legacy of Secrecy, (the title of Waldron’s previous book on this subject) which includes some of the new book’s revelations.  The film features performances by Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Rather than presenting the sort of Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory which we saw in Oliver Stone’s film, JFK, Waldron presents a more simple conspiracy:  New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello and his Tampa associate, Santo Trafficante, Jr. wanted JFK dead because he and Bobby Kennedy had been riding roughshod over the Mafia.

Nevertheless, the book presents other related facts which the reader can put together to conclude that there were many related criminal acts which facilitated and helped cover-up the conspiracy.  Most notable among them was that the hypocritical, crooked, closet queen – Gay Edgar Hoover – obviously had known about it in advance but did nothing to stop the plot because he hated the Kennedys.  After reading seven chapters of this book, I have already learned about two documented cases wherein informants had notified the FBI about Marcello and Trafficante’s plot to kill JFK approximately one year before the hit took place.

The cover-up was facilitated by the fact that Kennedy had been orchestrating the overthrow of Fidel Castro, with the help of Cuba’s number three man:  Commander Juan Almeida.  The Warren Commission and others attempted to cover-up the conspiracy because a revelation of the truth would have exposed the plot against Castro while jeopardizing Almeida, who remained in power until 1990.  Marcello and Trafficante had their men infiltrate the Cuban coup attempt so that any revelation of their involvement in Kennedy’s killing would expose Almeida and the coup plot, potentially setting off World War III.  The Mafiosi also had a sub-plot arranged to make it appear as though Oswald was just one of many people working for Castro to kill Kennedy.  This added more pressure for a cover-up among those who were actually oblivious to what really happened.  The need to prevent World War III was paramount, since the assassination took place only one year after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

There is plenty of other good stuff in the book, so I won’t spoil it for you.  The “big picture” which becomes very clear is that delving into the ugly truth behind the JFK assassination conspiracy is like turning over a rock – you learn all sorts of other grim facts about those vested with the power of running this country, the dishonesty of the mainstream news media and the out-of-control hubris of the National Security Gestapo, which we are reading about on a more frequent basis these days.


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