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Turning America Into Iran

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Another goofball televangelist just proved how he and his ilk would prefer America to be more like Iran.

Immediately after the Colorado movie theater shootings, I was ready to post my thoughts about the sleazy ways in which the mainstream news media exploit such events.  After considering the darkly sarcastic things I had to say, I decided that such a posting would be inappropriate – because it was too soon after the tragedy.  I chose to heed the advice from that old song by The English Beat:  Save It for Later.  Too many people were hurting from this incident.  A number of guys died because they threw themselves over their girlfriends in the ultimate act of love.

Nevertheless, those who would like to see the Iranization of America did not find it necessary to restrain themselves from expressing opinions which would inflame the open emotional wounds sustained by innocent people.  The Iranizationists saw fit to remind everyone that this happened because God concluded that some Americans deserved this.

Many followers of these deranged televangelists get irate when commentators point out how such religious zealots want to make America into another Iran.  The rebuff is always the same:  “Iranians are Muslim and we are Christian!”  Nevertheless, one need only look at what is being said to see that the Islamist message and the Wackovangelist messages are the same.

Immediately after the tragedy, televangelist Jerry Newcombe phoned into a program produced by the homo-hating, American Family Association.  You can watch this clip of that event.  Pay close attention to how the show’s host blinks incessantly throughout the call.  I would love to get a psychiatrist’s opinion as to what – if anything – that might indicate.  Anyway, Newcombe wanted to remind everyone that any individual killed in that theater who was not Christian would be going to hell.  In other words:  If your murdered friend or loved one was a Jew – that person would be going to hell.

Newcombe’s claim was the same spiteful remark we hear from Islamist terrorists after they kill Jews:  Not only did all those people get killed – but they are also going to hell!

How thoughtful of Newcombe to remind the infidels’ next of kin that their loved ones are headed toward eternal damnation!

In Newcombe’s America, Jews go to hell when they die.  How does that version of America differ from Iran?


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